Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring Term 2010

This Term the students of Kellett Tellit are all working on brand new interesting stories. Including: Fashion, Farms, Kellett's next Green Day with much more.

We cant wait!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New year, new team

Hello and welcome to the Kellett Tell it blog!

This term our new team are working on some really exciting articles for you, from School Council to Elephant Polo, from STOMP to Disneyland.

We have 12 people in the club this term to give all the news on what is happing around Kellett and in Hong Kong now, this very second but what do they do to make the magical paper?

Here are some interviews to give you an idea.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kellett Tellit Goes Online

Ten years ago, nobody imagined you could send a message to hundreds of your friends with a click of a mouse, or read a newspaper on something as slick as an iPod! Google, Facebook, Kindles, iPhones, Podcasts—the way we get information or communicate today, is hugely different to how our parents or grandparents did. The internet and digital printing has revolutionised the newspaper industry in recent years and now it’s Kellett Tell It’s turn to go digital! This term we are finally going online!

“Kellett Tell It has been going for a few years now, and it’s done a great job of communicating the student voice to parents and the community, but times have changed and we can now use other means to communicate that information” said Mr Dawes. “We’re still going to be using text, but we’re also going to be looking at multimedia ways of delivering Kellett news; photographs, audio work and hopefully some video too. Obviously we use a lot more technology in Kellett than we did 5 or 6 years ago, and that needs to be reflected in the way we report our news”.
The best thing about going online is that Kellett Tell It can deliver news to everyone as soon as it happens. So when two of our reporters went to the Bledisloe Cup press conference, instead of waiting till the end of term to put the story in the paper, we could put the story online immediately!

Mr Dawes says it’s important to think about how we collect and mix information together. “We might make a podcast, and that will help us to host information online. There are clever things like RSS feeds, so people can ask to have Kellett Tell It delivered to them. It would be great to have a newscast from Kellett Tell It on your iPod!” So next time you want to read Kellett Tell It, you can just go online and read away!

Get It Green

Cameron tells us about entering a Hong Kong based competition;

This term to help raise environmental awareness we entered a competition called Get It Green in Hong Kong. We made a video and you can watch it here. We hope you like it!


Are you addicted to the computer?
Would you rather learn interactively, rather than simply reading a book?
Well here is your opportunity, FROG! The ultimate E-learning environment that has been specially tailor made for Kellett.

Sophia investigates Kellett's new VLE on behalf of Kellett Tellit;

Dinosaurs Alive!

Looking for adventure? Then why not transport yourself back 65 million years to the age of the dinosaurs, when dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rexs roamed the earth, and huge Pterodactyls flew across the sky?

Come and see both creatures—plus fifteen other dinosaurs fight for survival—in the dazzling $20,000,000 spectacle, Walking with Dinosaurs. The show is on at the Hong Kong Arena in December and January—it’s heaps of fun, for adults and children alike!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sports Day

This year, Sports Day was on Thursday November 4th, and it was the newest format of all, with more events, challenges and much more fun! It included running races, long jump, javelin, rounders, tee ball throw and many more challenging events. The weather was perfect because it was drizzling by the time we left and cooled us all down!